Wednesday, 09 July 2014 15:30

First Day: Getting all the kinks worked out

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Well the first day of 2014 is in the books.  As with every season, the first day is always a little disorganized.  This is the time where I remember all the things that I forgot to do, fix or add from last year, as if I was taken by surprise that today we would be picking and selling corn.  This was one of the better first days, though, as we normally are late to our stands.  I am usually running around trying to gather up all of the "stuff" we need at the stand to sell, invariably hunting where I stashed stuff and trying to remember what I am forgetting  We even had change for the change boxes and know, the essential items you would think were ready to go. 

The other thing about first days is just getting into the routine.  I liken it to getting into a cold swimming pool, once you're in, its ok and you get used to it.  This is the first of 70-80 days where life begins before sunrise and wholly revolves around nothing but corn which takes some getting used to.  Believe it or not, not all farmers are the up-before-sunrise kind, myself included.  While I do love the early mornings, you won't find me waking in the 4am range unless it is corn season (and I'm the happiest morning person in the family).

The most enjoyable part of the first day is people's unbridled enthusiasm and anticipation for sweet corn and tomatoes.  Its a lot of fun to see and a reward for the effort we have put into our produce.  It makes you feel as if you are doing exactly what you should be doing.      


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Toby Brown

Toby is the owner of Lingley Bros. Sweetcorn since 2000. A 1989 graduate of Hoopeston East-Lynn High School, he began farming in 1993, the sixth generation farming the ground he lives on. He and his wife Paige have four children:  Jenna, Katie, Josh and Megan. Together they raise 48 acres of sweet corn, 900 tomatoes and a half acre of green beans. In addition to farming, Toby is an Elder at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Hoopeston, an officer on the Rossville Area Fire Department, assistant 4-H leader of Hoopeston Boosters 4-H club and a beekeeper.

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